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How Seedless MD Works

Getting your medical cannabis recommendation with Seedless MD is just 3 simple steps on your phone or computer.

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    Create Account

    Create a Seedless MD account with eVisit to get started. Just answer a few basic questions, upload a photo of your valid id, and enter your payment info. Don’t worry, you will only be charged once you receive your medical marijuana recommendation from the doctor.

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    Virtual Consultation

    Use your computer or download the eVisit mobile app to have a video conference consultation with a Seedless doctor. As soon as the doctor is available, the doctor will chat with you and write you a medical marijuana recommendation if you qualify. If you do not qualify, your card will not be charged.

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    Get your MMJ Rec

    Your digital medical marijuana recommendation will be available on your phone or available for download from your Seedless MD account, usually the same day. A physical copy of the recommendation letter is mailed to your door.