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Frequently asked questions

Below is a list of common questions and answers about Seedless MD. If you have a question or need help getting started please contact us.

Is Medical Marijuana legal?

All of our doctors are legally licensed in the state of California, our service is in accordance with all California telehealth laws, and all of our client's information is secure and HIPPA compliant.

What is a medical marijuana doctor’s recommendation?

In accordance with California law, Prop 215, a doctor's recommendation authorizes a patient with a qualifying condition to purchase, consume, and possess cannabis for their consumption in the state of CA.

Do I qualify for medical marijuana?

If you are 18+ and a California resident with any health issues, you may qualify for medical marijuana. Some common medical conditions include :
Chronic pain
Persistent muscle spasms, including those associated with multiple sclerosis
Seizures, including, but not limited to, those associated with epilepsy
Severe nausea

What is Evisit?

Evisit is a HIPPA compliant telemedicine platform that we use to make it easy for you to meet face to face with our doctors online. You may see “evisit” on your bill or confirmation email, that’s just the software we use.

Can I get a med card without a California ID?

You must be a resident of California, but you do not need to have a California driver’s licence or state ID. We accept any form of U.S. issued identification, along with proof of California residency ( utility bills, lease agreements, etc.)

How does the Seedless MD evaluation process work?

To get your medical marijuana recommendation, complete the Seedless MD online signup process by providing your basic personal information. You'll then video chat with a medical marijuana doctor online to get approved for medical cannabis. Most patients complete the visit in about 10 minutes.

Where can I use my medical marijuana recommendation?

Once you recieve your medical recommendation, you can purchase medical cannabis from any legal California dispensaries.

What’s the difference between a prescription and a recommendation?

Because marijuana is still considered an illegal drug under US federal law, physicians aren't able to prescribe cannabis like other prescription drugs. However, because of Prop 215, doctors can issue "recommendations" that a patient use medical cannabis to help treat their symptoms.

How do I buy medical cannabis products?

Most of our patients are able to purchase medical cannabis the same day. We send you a digital copy which you can print out to take into any dispensary in california, or order online where available.

Do I need to renew my medical marijuana recommendation?

Doctor recommendations are valid for a full year, you'll have to renew your recommendation to legally possess and consume cannabis for the following year.

Can I use my insurance to pay?

Sorry we don’t accept medical insurance at this time.

How does payment work?

There is no risk for you, if for any reason you do not qualify for medical marijuana, you will receive a full refund. Once you reach the payment step of your online medical marijuana evaluation, you'll be able to make payment securely with a Visa or MasterCard.

Are there any hidden charges or extra fees?

We pride ourselves on simple and clear pricing, qualified patients pay just $40. That includes the virtual doctor visit and the recommendation letter, printed with an official seal mailed to your address.